How to Remove Tea & Coffee Stains From Cups

Have you ever noticed those stubborn brown rings left behind on your favourite mug after enjoying your morning cup of tea or coffee?

These stains are caused by tannin, a natural chemical found in tea and coffee, as well as in wine and other alcoholic beverages. Despite common belief, bleaching doesn't actually remove these stains; it merely masks them, leaving the residue intact. Not only are these stains unsightly, but they can also affect the taste of your drink and impact the overall customer experience.

Tannin build-up occurs gradually over time, especially if cups aren't pre-washed before being placed in the dishwasher. While the glass washer machine may start to loosen the tannin at temperatures around 60°C, the final hot rinse at approximately 90-100°C can actually bake the stains onto the porcelain, making them even more challenging to remove. Insufficient use of rinse aid can worsen the problem. To check if your machine is dispensing enough rinse aid, simply mark the bottle with a marker pen or tape and monitor its usage over a few wash cycles.

So, what can you do to tackle these stubborn tannin stains?

Enter the tannin remover. This powerful chemical is highly effective at eliminating tannin stains, whether used directly in the dishwasher or by soaking the stained cups beforehand. Simply apply the tannin remover according to the product instructions, and watch as those unsightly stains vanish, leaving your cups sparkling clean and ready for your next brew.

Say goodbye to stubborn tea and coffee stains with the help of a quality tannin remover. Enjoy your favourite beverages without the worry of lingering stains, and ensure a flawless drinking experience every time.