Basic Warewasher Fault Finding

The following are some generic troubleshooting solutions to common issues that might occur with most machines. Please check the instruction manual that came with your machine for specific troubleshooting instructions for your machine.

The machine will not empty

A – Does the Machine have a drain pump fitted?

Hold the waste pipe in the air, and remove the drain plug. Lay pipe straight on the floor into a drain or dish and see if anything comes out. If nothing does, the drain pump will need to be dismantled.

Remove the bottom, front cover of the machine. The drain pump is connected to the machine below the drain pump, undo the circlip and pull the drain pump towards you, disconnecting the two wires from the back of the drain pump. Remove the three screws holding the front of the pump in place and remove the blockage from inside the pump. Then replace the drain pump.

You might need to press the reset button, which is located near the back of the boilers and thermostat. Put the drain plug back in the machine and close the door, press the green button and let the machine fill, then try running the empty cycle. If all is okay, replace the bottom cover. If there is still an issue with the machine place contact the service department.

B - If the Machine is a Gravity Waste model?


  • That the drain plug has been removed.
  • That the waste pipe is going straight down out of the machine.
  • That the waste is not blocked.
  • There is nothing down the hole where the drain pump goes.

If the above, does not solve your problem, please ring for service.

The machine will not fill


  • The water supply is turned on
  • The power supply is turned on
  • The wash arms are not blocked
  • The feed pipe from the mains has not come undone from the water inlet valve, located in the bottom of the machine. If followed, the feed pipe should also connect to a water valve attached to the wall.
If these checks are okay, please call for service.

The machine will not wash

Turn the power on and wait for the machine to be ready to wash. Press the start button and check:

  • Is there a humming noise? If there is, the wash pump might be jammed and will need to be removed and cleared to solve the problem. To remove the wash pump, take the back cover off. The wash pump is located on the right; it has a black hose joining it to the machine. Undo the circlips and bolts that are holding it to the machine. Remove the pump and dismantle the front of the pump and remove the offending item. Reassemble the pump, connect it to the back of the machine and press the power reset button which is located near the boiler/tank elements.
  • Ensure that the wash arms are spinning freely. It could be something has gotten stuck in the wash arms.

Machine not taking rinse aid


  • The pipes are not squashed behind the machine
  • The pipe is correctly and securely in the rinse aid container.
  • The rinse aid pump is run by water pressure, please ensure that the pressure is okay, and check that the wash arms are not blocked. Put the machine, and when the wash cycle is complete, you should see the rinse pump activate.
  • If the machine has an electrical rinse pump, make sure that the centre is turning at the end of the wash cycle. If it is not, the pump could be faulty - please ring our service department to book an engineer.

Machine not taking detergent


  • The pipe is correctly and securely in the container.
  • The pipe is not squashed between the machine and the container
  • Take the bottom front cover off the machine. Ensure that the drain plug is in place and run the machine. The pump should oscillate, if it does, you can adjust the amount of chemical being used by turning the adjustment screw, which is on the transparent panel on the front of the pump with + or -
If the above doesn't solve the problem with the machine, please contact the service department and book an engineer visit.