Fagor LVC21 Commercial Dishwasher 500mm Basket

Say goodbye to the Fagor LVC21 Dishwasher 500mm Basket

From time to time, innovations require the replacement of an older model with a brand-new machine, which offers new functionality, but still performs the same features that you have come to know and love in your current machine. Until recently, the Fagor LVC21 Dishwasher was highly popular with cafes, pubs, and restaurants thanks to its complete automatic operation, mostly stainless steel construction and capacity to handle 24 racks an hour.

Welcome the Fagor CO502DD Dishwasher

Introducing the Fagor CO502DD Dishwasher, a part of the all-new Concept range of under counter dishwashers which usually combine found on the higher end machines with robust construction and energy efficiency in an affordable package.

The double-skinned all stainless steel cabinet makes for a new model that is both aesthetically pleasing and provides noise insulation that ensures the unit is suitable for the front of house installations. The double skinned door is counterbalanced with a stainless steel hinge system and is hard wearing, durable and ergonomic.

Operators can now use the simple control panel to select different wash cycle times, unlike the older model which only had a fixed wash cycle of 2 minutes. While that is still an option, the newer machine also offers 1 minute and 1 and a half minute long cycles for less soiled items. The operation is still entirely automatic, with detergent being dispensed directly into the cabinet at the appropriate levels. Built-in LED displays also shows the status of the current cycle as well as the temperature.

Our conclusion

Anyone who has enjoyed the Fagor LVC21, and is looking for a direct replacement of their older machine should take a good look at the Fagor CO502DD when the time comes. It provides a bolstered list of features, alongside the quality engineering that you have come to expect from Fagor.